Saturday, 8 August 2009


I've been in Tuscany, Italy for little over a week now and it's so beautiful and hot here! I spent the past week living in an apartment at the top of a Palazzo, feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. I visited Pisa on a cloudy day and admired the sheer ridiculousness of the Leaning Tower, how on earth, after 800 years, is it still standing? It's crazy! I've also been to Lucca and Florence. Lucca was amazing, really beautiful. It's a small, walled city so we rented bicycles and wrote around the City wall and stopped for chocloate hazelnut gelato. I wasn't quite so taken with Florence, I'd heard it was spectacular but it was so touristy and I hate tourists/ being a tourist. You have something really historic like Dante's Church or Michaelangelo's Il David juxtaposed with one of those stands that sells waffles covered in Nutella or tacky sunglasses.

I've finally found some decent wireless, so it's quite nice to catch up with the outside world/ my favourite blogs when I fancy a little siesta. The Satorialist was in Florence the same time as I was but I didn't see him about!

The Satorialist

This isn't from Florence, it's from Paris but I had to post it because I adore the Catcher in the Rye t-shirt! I'd love one myself, or perhaps just this gorgeous male model so he could lend me his...

Aside from sight-seeing I've just been spending my time eating amazing food - everything is so good here, even what you buy in the supermarket...I can't seem to get enough mozzarella and tomatoes; and reading lots of books. So far I've finished Tender Is The Night and Huruki Murakami's Norweigian Wood (which is kind of like a sicker Japanese version of The Catcher in the Rye, funnily enough.) I just started Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. I learnt Italian in my last two years at school so I speak it a little bit. So far I've spoken to the lady in the dry cleaners and the butcher...



  1. Oh dear, a cute boy, with books literary references on his t-shirt...I wouldn't have even half a chance of resisting him! haha. :P


  2. Sounds good. Love that t-shirt. And I feel like eating mozzarella and tomatoes now.

  3. I love his shirt, & mozzarella & tomatoes haha reminds me of lasagna & pasta.. yum :D

  4. All sounds so amazing! And the food must be so irresistible.

    x x x

  5. Sounds like you're having a fabulous time! Tuscany is beautiful, but I guess that's the problem with bigger towns like Florence or Rome... everyone wants to go there, so it's really touristy. I never did see the appeal in Pisa apart from the tower and the bad poses people make in front of it ;-)

  6. wow, he is CUTE! he makes that shirt look even more spectacular! :)