Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Shiny hair, that's my life ambition

I don't watch The City but I have a bit of a style crush on Olivia Palermo and like looking at Candid pictures of her. I love the fact that she takes so much pride in her appearance, she ALWAYS looks so put together. I'm kind of over the whole Alexander Wang/Erin Wasson aesthetic, what's wrong with making a little effort now and again? I felt really riled by that kind of smug article Alexa Chung wrote a few months ago in Vogue about how being groomed is so 'not-British' and distinctly uncool. What's wrong with looking neat and pretty? Everybody looks ten times better with clean, shiny hair!


  1. I think she definitely epitomizes the typical upper East Side NYC look. I can see what Alexa means, because in Europe, women don't actually go through the trouble of primping and blowdrying their hair to the extent some Americans do. Olivia does have impeccable style, but I guess everyone has different priorities. She probably knows she'll get snapped by the paps, and doesn't want to look like crap in the tabloids.

  2. LOL at the guy in the back ground!! hahahaa!!