Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Inappropriate footwear.

I'm lucky enough to have a good friend who is lucky enough to go to Oxford University, so I spent the past few days visiting her and got an insider tour of the beautiful college grounds. I was in absolute awe of the way the big, old doors on the high street open out on to the most breathtaking, meticulously tended courtyards with the most perfect-looking grass I have ever laid eyes on (you can't walk on the grass, but you CAN play croquet - how great is that?). One college even has its own Deer Park! As much as I love my home, it was so nice to get away from London for a few days - it really did feel like a holiday, particuarly with the scorching weather we're currently having and all.

I'm definately starting to feel like I'm wilting in the heat now. Tomorrow night I'm seeing Jamie T open the itunes Festival and I'm predicting an even hotter, sweatier gig than usual. I've been living in gladiator sandals at the moment, but I know I shouldn't wear them if I want to come home feet intact...so if anybody has any ideas on appropriate (and stylish) summer gig footwear, hit. me. up.

Speaking of shoes, I can't stop staring at Topshop's Agnes lace up boot everytime I go on the website:

I actually almost prefer these to the Emma Cook for Topshop brothel creeper boots the Fashion world went gaga over, mostly because they're less heavy and way cheaper at £75! So lovely, but so hideously inappropriate for summer! Should this be a buy now, wear later kind of purchase?


  1. nice! i already added you to my page!!

  2. I can't decide whether you should get them or not... they are an investment but you could spend that £75 on something else that you'd actually wear this season...and what happens if they go down in the sales at the time you finally start wearing them? x x