Sunday, 28 June 2009

Rain, AA and Nail Varnish

I don't usually buy lots of things in one go (I'm more of a sporadic shopper) but I decided to spend some of my pennies on some summer basics today, since I've been living the same pair of East End Thrift store denim cutoffs ever since the sun came out. So, on a short trip to AA I bought the Tri-Blend grey cropped T-shirt (Which I've been meaning to do for months), the pocket skirt in navy (which I already own in Orchid and Asphalt, oops) and the Ruched polka-dot body (Which is just love really). I'm so excited about the last one, I almost wish it was made in swimming costume material so I could wear it on holiday with my big, floppy Bianca Jagger straw hat (TK Maxx, £6.99, holla!)

I also really wanted to get my hands on this Urban Outfitters skirt, but sadly they didn't have my size, oh and I've found the perfect shade of bright pink-coral nail varnish! I've been searching for so long! Very happy.


  1. i love your blog..lets be grunge buddies..

  2. i just bought the navy skirt last time i was in AA too!
    great purchases!