Thursday, 20 August 2009

20/08/09 - Playing with fun stuff in my wardrobe

So the other day my friend and I decided we would play around with the continuous shot mode on her camera, and some of my favourite clothes.

My River boots make their blog debut.

This is a vintage 1970's cape I bought at the Clothes Show. It had a matching Maxidress which my friend Lauren wanted to buy but reluctantly said farewell to because it was £65.

My friend Androulla rocking one of my favourite vintage buys ever, a leopard faux fur coat I brought home from Reykjavik. I am a big vintage lover, I would love one day to have vintage archives as amazing as Rachel Zoe (I am obsessed with her TV show, I love trashy reality shows!)

Fans from a tacky tourist stall in Pisa which reminded me of Marie Antoinette.
I apologise for the bad light quality of these photos, they're quite grungey and grainy...but we like grunge.


  1. Your bedroom is soo cute! i love how its so pink! lol and you have great combats! :)

  2. Nice pics, I love the cape!

  3. You are simply adorable and I LOVE the faux fur! I've been hunting around for one myself to channel Edie Sedgwick.

    xoxo Heather

  4. I love those river island boots, have been eyeing them up for a while - total all saints rip off saving us almost £100 :D! Are they comfy? I may have to get them today!
    thank you for commenting my blog!