Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Rush of Colour To the Head

I'm currently stuck in a horrible style rut. Allow me to elaborate. Sometime this year, I can't even remember exactly when, I stopped wearing colour. Now, I own plenty of coloured things from Topshop that I've panic bought because I have nothing to wear to the pub that night (the perils of living a five minute walk from said Topshop), but like most temporary fixes in life, they do not make me happy. I will wear them once, realise they are not 'me' (or see someone else in the same thing) and banish them to the depths of my wardrobe, or give them to my sister. I like heather grey, charcoal grey, black, white, navy. It was fine for a couple of months but, frankly, it's all getting a bit dull now. My clothes don't say fun, bubbly girl to strangers, they say drab and miserable.

I've been estranged from the colour spectrum for so long that I've actually forgotten which shades suit me. Similarly, the high street is not on my side this season. Being rather pale, nude pink is not my friend; and it's everywhere. Plus, I can't stand all those crop tops in Topshop with the drapey hemlines, I prefer things that are cut much more classically. After much racking my brains I recall once rather liking rich purple and raspberry, so I think my best bet is to get myself to American Apparel and invest in some basics in those shades that I can still pair with all my black and grey, without resembling a walking rain cloud so much.

Really though I know exactly where my aversion to colour has come from. I have Champagne taste on a Lambrini budget and it's all too easy to look cheap in cheap bright clothes, a darker palette is just so much more luxe looking...but seeing the eclectic colour palette at Louise Gray's SS10 presentation has inspired me to get my act together and start looking a little brighter:

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So pretty. Stay tuned for updates from my foray into colourdom!


  1. i love the first look so much, and that skirt in the second pic is amazing! great post :)


  2. i loveeee those outfits.
    i wear too muchhhh colour! thats my problem.

    good luck with your change in wardrobe! xoox

  3. amazing pics!
    i love all the looks!


  4. Thanks for your comment; yes the Alice Palmer dresses are knitted as well, so amazing that she was able to create such shapes. I loved Louise Gray's collection too, it's very her, and she's designed some wonderful shoes as well.