Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is fast becoming one of my favourite photographers. His editorial, 'The Lady Who Fell To Earth', in this month's Vogue is simply breathtaking:

When I first saw this, on a particuarly boring train ride from Birmingham to London, it reminded me simultaneously of both The Jetsons, whom I loved when I was little, and some of my favourite photographs ever, the 1963's 'Paris Bubble' series by Melvin Sokolsky:

So eerily beautiful, I got the same feeling when I saw Walker's editorial as I did when I saw these pictures for the very first time. Magical. You can see the whole series here.


  1. Tim Walker is too amazing for words, he just isn't even of this world.

  2. he is of course a great photographer.i bought vogue today and i also liked this photoshoot.almost all of his works are unique

  3. Is it from US vogue or British vogue I might need to go pick it up.

  4. @Sophia it was Britsh Vogue, October 2009!