Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Yvan Rodic does Paris

I did not realise until fairly recently that Yvan Rodic, aka Mr. Facehunter, has another, in my opinion better, blog in which he records all the beautiful sights and beautiful people he meets on his travels. Since I have been a francophile pretty much since the age of five, when my parents thought it would be fun (and educational!) to send me to 'Le Club Francais', I was most excited to peruse his photographs from Paris during fashion week:

Sometimes all I want to do is jump on the Eurostar, eat macarons, drink tea and people watch. I've been seriously thinking about spending next summer working in Paris.


  1. OMG these are awesome!!! So rad that someone tagged YSL! The cupple at the cafe is the coolest!

  2. These pictures are so cool, the guys all have such tremendous fashion sense. I love it.

  3. Hehehe francophile here as well!
    I love Facehunter, I'll check out his other blog now :)

  4. Oh, Paris, Paris...
    Definitively charming (: